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Some men, however, may be fearful that the use of toys may indicate that they are inadequate or are being replaced in the bedroom. However, toys should be viewed as an assistant. But what if your partner is passive, shy or may even be against the use of toys? Don’t worry. Be gentle and patient. Start off by discussing long before the occasion comes up. Maybe ask questions like, “Hun, what do you think about a bullet?” or show a picture of multiple toys and ask him or her which one would appeal to your partner. Show partner the health benefits of using toys. Take, for instance, the Kegel Balls. They provide excellent assistance to tighten up the vaginal walls. One can never fail with a bullet vibrator. It is small, easy to use, and very versatile. Toys can also help men learn to delay orgasm, remain hard after orgasm, and have multiple orgasms. Once you get over this mental hump and you experience this, you’re no longer worried about ejaculating too quickly, losing your erection or not getting an erection.

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